Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Fuming at South Yorkshire Police

Just got back from meeting with south yorkshire police must say i was expecting half the outcome already but im fed up of the bull shit police service we call south yorkshire police, im fed up of detective after dectetive telling me the same old storys to believe that they have the ability to solve my mums murder when since the beggining they claim to have been investigating my mums case thoroughly yet in 2008 when we first thought my mum was found under a mattress we was told that it was infact a bed base and that the bed base was within south Yorkshire polices possession but was within one of the many storage facilities this story later changed to that infact the bed base was lost or had been destroyed yet at todays meeting the findings from the investigation was that the bed base was infact in the polices possession up until june 2003 and sometime later it had been authorised to be destroyed due to health and safety, apparently being the object that was placed on top of my mum's body doesn't make this item significant evidence and that samples taken back in 1997 are sufficient, The clothing and possession taken from home that belonged to my mum was seized by police amongst these was personal items such as drawings and colourings that were done by my mum basically anything belonging to my mum was taken by south Yorkshire police in 1997 have been lost which we was only made aware of when i requested to know whether they still had her belonging but this now has changed to they have been destroyed because they have been unable to find them.. this to include the clothing my mum was murdered in. LOST! evidence destroyed! Back in 2008 we was informed by the police that the police have CCTV footage of my mum in the footage also was a main suspect yet now guess what this CCTV never existed! i can't explain my frustration at the moment at these findings im lost at what to do all the police have to say is that things are different now and there sorry? Sorry isn't going to get us justice sorry isn't going to bring my mum's possessions back, Sorry isn't going to bring back this evidence which could hold that vital bit of DNA we need to solve this... basically the police have fudged up the entire investigation but there sorry. sorry isn't going to make them do anything else. they claim to follow leads when they come in but they don't go out and find those leads to begin with, they don't approach the news papers, or do anything in the local area to get this information. but the worst thing is my mums possessions i have nothing left of my mum because they took EVERYTHING and didn't bother to give any of it back even though the items they took from the home was never tested forensically any one of the many possessions could have held DNA of someone who wasn't known to the investigation anything could have come from them, maybe it wouldn't but with the police Losing them i can now never get them independently tested myself as i have lost all trust in south Yorkshire police. They have lost everything belonging to my mum lost evidence that supposedly now never even existed, I've complained through the proper channels and ive wrote the the MP previously what else other than this facebook campaign , the website and news papers what else am i supposed to do now, what are you supposed to do when your told all your mums belongings and other evidence has been destroyed that your mums memory is now just that, nothing left other than the odd few photos to show who she was... im honestly disgusted, heartbroken and fuming at South Yorkshire police.

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Just got back from meeting with south yorkshire police must say i was expecting half the outcome already but im fed up...
Posted by Who Killed My Mum? Patricia Grainger Unsolved Sheffield Murder on Wednesday, July 8, 2015

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