Wednesday, 17 June 2015

My Thoughts

I have just been going over and over this in my head so I need clear a few things up.

According to a FOI request my mum was classed as being murdered by manual strangulation however this is not the case,

Her cause of death was actually recorded as inconclusive as the post-mortem could not determine the actual cause of death as whoever did kill my mum tried to do so in more horrific ways than one. Strangulation, Beating, Stabbing, Cutting and possible drowning are all possible cause of death as either one alone would have been enough to do it but the level of violence wasn't necessary and leads to believe the culprit has some history of violence and or sexual offences which even to this day could also be unreported.

Her murder more than likely started somewhere other than on the brook (Parson Cross Sheffield) where her body was discovered, because it was close to the road (Colley Drive) and houses however had it been dark out where her body was located there’s barely enough light in the day never mind at night which is another reason for me to believe it took place elsewhere.


My mum was alive at the brook at the time she was left there. Whether the culprit knew this or not due to water from the stream being located in her lungs indicating my mum took her last breath there in the stream. This also could be a reason for lack of dna as she was in the water for around 24 hours but some partial DNA has been recovered.

My mum wasn’t a small lady and although she was vulnerable mentally,  she was a big lady and  she would have put up some sort of a fight, This leads me to believe this wasn’t a small person or it could have more than likely involved more than the one person.

Bruising on her body and face means not only did this person try multiple ways to kill my mum he/they beat her I hate to think how scared she must have been, to be beaten by someone, then to be attacked in multiple ways yet knowing she was going to die at the hands of someone she probably saw as a friend who took advantage of her nature.

But she kept fighting until she couldn’t fight anymore and she took her last breath on the brook cold, frightened, and unaware of what’s coming next it hurts so much just thinking about what this person/s did which is what gives me the determination to keep going to get the scum responsible ,it’s not going to stop our heartache, the thoughts in our heads, or the pain  we feel, its not going to bring my mum back, or take away the pain she suffered but it will bring justice and justice is what’s not being served.

If like I said before if my mum was attacked elsewhere the person would need to live close enough to area in order to be able to take my mum there when he/they had done what they did to my mum, or had access to a vehicle.

Her body was located in the stream underneath part of a divan bed base, The bed base could have already been at the scene as it was/is a popular fly tipping site, however the bed base could have been put there by those responsible they could have pre-planned it and dumped the bed base days before taking my mum there.

If you lived in the area at the time you will remember the police presence in the area.

Did you see anything suspicious around the area that at the time you thought might not have been useful?

Are you afraid to approach the police?

You can approach me or crime stoppers if you did see anything.

Did you see anyone lurking around, Any vehicles in the area you haven’t seen before anyone taking or dumping things?, Did anyone you used to know that you think changed their behaviour or move out pretty quickly after august 1997.

Suspicions or hearsay or facts anything you might remember could be useful please get in touch

Did you dump a bed base on Hartley brook? Afraid to get in touch incase you would get in trouble for fly tipping please regardless of you r reasons for not coming forward sooner please do come forward the police don’t care about historic fly tipping. And as long as information is coming in the police have leads to follow and this stops the investigation becoming inactive.

Unfortunately the police destroyed/misplaced the bed base so I can’t provide any information in regards to the bed base.

If you got in touch previously in 1997 or around then please get in touch again the information may have been lost as SYorkshire police don’t have a good track at keep evidence.



I have just been going over and over this in my head so I need clear a few things up.According to a FOI request my mum...

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