Sunday, 10 August 2014

17th Anniversary of my mum's murder

Today it's been 17 Year since you was taken away from us, Not a day has gone by where you haven't been thought of, But still to this day all we can think of Is what some evil person/s did to you, I came to see you recently and I made a promise, one which I plan to keep, that until your killer Is brought to justice I shall not give up on pursuing justice for you mum. The police may have discarded all your things but what they can't destroy is our love for you, and our determination to make those responsible pay for what they did to you, You was vulnerable and they took advantage of that, they did things to you that down inside me I hate to think what you had to endure that night 17 years ago, The police know what sort of person/s they have still walking the streets and still free to do it again. But as much as I try to make today not about the appeal I can't. I don't want to stop pursing getting the message out there, Making the person/s responsible aware that although the police haven't charged them yet there time will come, Justice will be served and hopefully that day we can try to move forward but until such a time ill be here trying to keep the investigation alive. R.I.P. Mum I love you x

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