Monday, 12 May 2014

Possibility of the bed base having evidence on it

Does anyone else agree I'm right that the possibility of forensic evidence being located on the bed base is high and that I'm not over-reacting.

Detective Inspector Kevin Brown, of South Yorkshire Police, said:

“Although the bed base was found at the site where Pat Grainger’s body was discovered, there is no evidence to connect it with her murder.

Daniel, who set up the website, said: “No mattter what the police say there must have been the potential for forensic evidence to have been found on the bed base, if not now then who knows what will be capable with advances of technology in the future?

“It only takes a speck of evidence to link somebody to a crime scene now, so in the future there could have been the opportunity to have found something on it - but now we will never know.

“Whoever killed my mum had to touch the bed base to put it on top of her.”

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