Tuesday, 29 April 2014

I really appreciate it.

I would just like to say i really appreciate all the support everyone has shown in helping the facebook page grow to over 400 likes and the website reaching an audience of over 10,000 viewers since launching the page less than 40 hours ago. Thank you for helping me keep the case hot and not cold like its been for most of the last 17 years. Danny

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Monday, 28 April 2014

Basically there doing nothing and i should keep quite

Received today from South Yorkshire Police

It was decided then that any outstanding BLANK matters need resolving, if this is possible!

There are certain pieces of information get reported, any such information will be investigated,
however I haven't got anything at present that I believe will take the case in a new direction.

Once this work is done we will be able to take another look at the latest position, this will be the best time
to decide whether any further publicity would be of significant help, or whether the investigation could go in another direction

You are of course free to speak to whoever you want and this includes the media,
however I ask that you keep any investigation matters to yourself, any prior disclosure in the media could hamper the investigation.

( I had to BLANK some details)

Lack of confidence in south yorkshire police solving this.

In June it will have been 6 years since starting the website, and in august in will be 17 years since my mum was found murdered in Sheffield's Hartley brook (Tongue Gutter, Sheffield Lane Dike, The Brook).

6 Years ago i was very unaware of what creating the website would bring, My biggest hope was it would bring my mums killer to justice and bring some comfort to us all knowing he/she/they are no longer free to do the same again,

I feel like i keep repeating myself but its all i can do as throughout this we have had to support ourselves an go on what little information we have and what little information we can share without jeopardizing the investigation.

Prior to creating the website we had no contact from South Yorkshire Police for many years, Upon creating the website and contacting The Sheffield Star, South Yorkshire Police had finally got intouch to tell us the case was still being looked into however it was a cold case.

After more media attention we was then given a family liaison officer who filled us in with what was happening on a regular basis throughout the active media interest, She then retired a few month later in 2009 and since then we have had no family liaison officer and very little satisfactory communication from South Yorkshire police,

The main detective also retired leaving the case with no main detective to instruct on what was going to happen next.

Since our last chat with one of the detectives involved in my mums case we have had no contact from South Yorkshire Police regarding whats happening or who will be the main detective in the case.

Since finding more and more out about whats gone on with the investigation i feel as though South Yorkshire Police has failed, From the start of the investigation they have been ignorant in how they have handled it all.  And have only paid an interest in the case during the active media attention.

I'm not just blaming the fail on the current detectives in this case but mainly on the previous detectives back in 1997 who failed at the start and could be the main reason for the case still being a fail,

Back in 2009 and previously on the blog i've mention we wanted to do a Crimewatch appeal, But South Yorkshire Police stated that it would bring too many phone calls and basically they didn't want to waste the man hours. It hurt to hear that, That my mum's life wasn't worth the effort, That my mum was less worthy than the next person who's murderer was brought to justice.

But what if one of those phone calls is the call we need, They say because the website had so much attention from the media that a crime watch appeal would be useless, Yet that doesn't stop a case i saw on crime watch recently of a very publicized crime still being shown non the less.

What if showing a reconstruction of what we know happened prior to my Mum being found murdered may bring something to someones mind, It could even make the person/s responsible come forward themselves,

I shall be emailing South Yorkshire Police after posting this to find out what they have to say i don't hold my breath in hearing anything they haven't told us 20 times before.

I don't want to be sat here still writing on this blog in 17 years time so i'm going to do whatever it takes to get something done or i soon will be writing an official complaint regarding the ignorance in this investigation.

I have just created a new facebook page for the website which can be found here https://www.facebook.com/whokilledmymum