Friday, 3 August 2012

15th Anniversary 1 week away

In 1 weeks time it will be my mum's 15th anniversary since her murder back in August 1997.
As always when it gets close to her anniversary i cannot do anything other than think about my mum and what happened to her.

I'm feeling as though this is how its going to be for the rest of my life when it gets close to My mums anniversary, birthday or Christmas time.Ill be Staring at the computer updating this blog to ask for people to come forward.

All i want from this website/blog is that one day we can get closure, One day we can find out who did this, One day someone will be paying for this.

I haven't spoken to the police in about 3 years the last time we spoke i was informed due to reasons of possible evidence to not tell people the full extent of what happened to my mum the day she was murdered, Having read the Post-Mortem and having to live with what i read that day is sickening, I do wish i never read the Post-Mortem but without knowing what happened it also does not help.

The last time we spoke with the police we suggested maybe they try crimewatch UK to hopefully appeal to the public and a much wider audience of people being aware and hopefully in the end catch who did this. How ever the police inspector said it would waste too many man hours and too many phone calls to sit through... But how can this be a waste of man hours if it gets them any closer to catching who did this. Maybe what people have told me for a long time that the police haven't done enough is true... maybe its definitely got me thinking. Even if it got them no further its worth the try isn't it? If this kind of thing happened to them I'm sure they would want the police to do everything they possibly can in order catch them.. Its what i think i don't care if it takes thousands of man hours are we not entitled to justice? I don't want to sound selfish and i know there is allot of unsolved murders and I'm sure anyone else going through this would want this too...

Also although not released publicly by the police they have found 2 Partial DNA Profiles from under my mums fingernail fibres, one of a male and one of a female. The police say the DNA profile's are not enough to search the DNA database however it is enough to eliminate anyone from enquires.

I just feel its been 15 years, Nothing as changed from 15 years ago relating to the case and its about time it was put to an end i know it probably wont, like i said i could still be here in 15 years time writing on this blog and still pleading for someone to come forward. but if i don't try nobody else is gonna!

Last we heard from the police was the murder was a cold case its still open but it will only be reviewed once every 4 years, however to be honest I'm sure more than myself think that this will be a simple look at the paper work and think try again next time.. Useless... I'm sorry South Yorkshire Police ... but i don't think you have done enough for my mums case. You only looked again at my mums case because of the publicity from my website.

Alot of messages i get via the website say how much of a good thing i have done ect with setting up the website and getting it attention, and i just want to say without the help of my family and my aunty sharon i probably woudn't be here today never mind posting on this blog so i have alot to thank them for and they have all been a big part of this our campaign.

Also to help get a few more pages into googles search i have writen up some of the articles from the news articles page, Ill get to the others when i can but till then if you want to read any or who know may help someone remember you can read them via the below links.


Another look at the timeline i posted back in April 2009, Someone posted on my message board stating i should bring it to the front of attention so below is another look at the timeline.
Information myself and my aunt have found within newspapers and other sources which we think may help some people remember.

A short run up to the time of my mum’s death.

Monday 4th

My Nan (Harmina Mum’s Mum) phone my aunt Sharon (Mum’s Sister) to say my mum had not come home that day.

Tuseday 5th

She was seen on Tuesday around the area her body was found.

Wednesday 6th

Sharon phoned my Nan and she still wasn’t back so my aunt told my Nan to call the police, My Nan and granddad went looking for her at friends and around the area.

Was spotted at northern general hospital with someone.

Friday 8th

Was spotted around the Holgate area.

Saturday 9th

She was seen 22 hours before she was found.

Last seen talking to a man at 7:45am at the Junction of Holgate crescent and Holgate road Saturday august 9th.

She was seen the night before her body was found near Buchanan road.

Sunday 10th

She was found dead in the brook

Close to brook a scruffy looking man was seen Sunday august 10th early hours around the time she was killed, A woman was terrified to walk past him, he was fidgeting with his hand in is pockets, he stared coldly at the woman before walking off.

Also in November:

Someone left a message on my granddads answer machine if this was not a hoax can the person please get in touch with the police or crime stoppers the police do not want to know why you were where you was or what you was doing at the time they just want to know the information you have.

Those articles.
Articles I Have Typed Up

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