Thursday, 13 August 2009


Hi, a message has been left on my message board could the person named (livo2009) please get in touch with me either via message or on the message board , it would be great if you could give me an email address or explain your message a bit clearer for me as it is a little confusing.

Thanks all the best.


Edit: Facebook page as been deleted (not by me by facebook)
Hi, i have just this second created a facebook group to widen my campaign,
I wont just leave things to go back quite, justice needs to be served.

If you would like to join the group please click here ,

Please help show your support by inviting as many friends to join as possible it will really help.

Thank you.

Thursday, 6 August 2009

12 years on

Coming up to the 12th anniversary, The last 12 months have been hard from starting the website, doing all the appeals on TV, in news papers, on the radio, delivering leaflets, a lot has been done and it has been a long stressful 12 months but was it worth it? No one has been charged, Not much further with the case but I feel its brought my family closer, Made me stronger, Given me a bit more hope and most importantly shown me that not all is bad out there, so the answer to that is yes it has been worth it, Yes we are not much closer to finding the murderer but good came from it, and hope is still there.

And who knows one day he/she/they will be caught for what they have done and all we can do is hope.

Most likely be no update unless anything happens or in a few years when we hear from the police cold case review team but ill hope for a good out come in the end.