Thursday, 9 April 2009

2 Men previously arrested have now been released.

The arrested men, aged 51 and 59, were taken in for questioning on Wednesday 15th October 2008. They have been on bail up until yesterday (7th April 2009) which they have now been released without charge. They had previously been re-bailed a few times while waiting for forensic test and going over information.

When the 2 men were arrested I did not try to get my hopes up too much which I didn’t, I put it all to the back of my mind, While knowing the 2 men were on bail I at least had some hope that something could happen, Now although I did not get my hopes up high my hopes have now shattered, It’s like everything has been done and we are not going to get anywhere with this, It feels like the last 11 months of the site being live and everything myself and my family have put into getting people to come forward with information has been a waste of time, Don’t get me wrong I know the police are doing everything they can but my hopes of this coming to an end are really doubtful.

Who knows maybe one day someone will come forward maybe we will never know at the moment it feels like we will never know.

I just wish everyone knew how sick and evil the attack was it would by my opinion probably break someone who knew something to come forward but that can’t happen, the information is held back by police in case they catch the murderer or whatever.

I’ll let you know anytime there is more information.

If anyone has any advice let me know?

My email system has had a problem for a while and allot of emails have gone missing if you have sent me an email within the last few months and had no reply please resend.

Anyone with information please, please come forward.

Information myself and my aunt have found within newspapers and other sources which we think may help some people remember.

Information myself and my aunt have found within newspapers and other sources which we think may help some people remember.

A short run up to the time of my mum’s death.
Monday 4th
My Nan (Harmina Mum’s Mum) phone my aunt Sharon (Mum’s Sister) to say my mum had not come home that day.
Tuseday 5th
She was seen on Tuesday around the area her body was found.
Wednesday 6th
Sharon phoned my Nan and she still wasn’t back so my aunt told my Nan to call the police, My Nan and granddad went looking for her at friends and around the area.
Was spotted at northern general hospital with someone.
Friday 8th
Was spotted around the Holgate area.
Saturday 9th
She was seen 22 hours before she was found.
Last seen talking to a man at 7:45am at the Junction of Holgate crescent and Holgate road Saturday august 9th.
She was seen the night before her body was found near Buchanan road.
Sunday 10th
She was found dead in the brook
Close to brook a scruffy looking man was seen Sunday august 10th early hours around the time she was killed, A woman was terrified to walk past him, he was fidgeting with his hand in is pockets, he stared coldly at the woman before walking off.

Also in November:
Someone left a message on my granddads answer machine if this was not a hoax can the person please get in touch with the police or crime stoppers the police do not want to know why you were where you was or what you was doing at the time they just want to know the information you have.