Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Mums Birthday

Today would have been my mums 37th birthday, It should be a day to celebrate but instead will be a day round her graveside. I hope that in the future i can see the graveside as a place to visit knowing the person who did what they did are no longer free to do anything again.

Please if you do know anything please use the above link How to Help.


Tuesday, 13 January 2009


Hi, an article published today in the sun marked out how much my server cost per month, I have had quite a few emails and messages about this so I thought I would clear it out on here, The server i am paying for is a dedicated server the reason I don’t have shared hosting is because when the website has a lot of users on the website at once talking 10,000 the server could not cope and was suspended which is why it is now on a dedicated server, the £108 has already been marked down from £125 as a kind gesture from the host, As well as the server the price includes my control panel which is leased, management of the server and 24/7 support. Although it is allot to pay it has not been a problem for me to pay and when the case is closed I will be able to move the website onto a shared server as it would not get as much traffic.

I am working on changing the message board as this is currently hosted elsewhere, I will be moving all messages that have been left onto the new message board which will be hosted on this site.
This will also give you more options when posting a message.


Saturday, 10 January 2009

Posters and Flyers

Hi, no update on the case as of yet.
We are still urging people to come forward with any information they may have.
We have started a new drive with promoting the case by flyers and posters.
Many places which we would like to thank that have placed the posters up for us in there shop windows around parson cross and the surrounding areas.
We have printed and posted many leaflets on Dearlands avenue, Buchanan road/crescent and the surround areas. We are now awaiting leaflets being printed which we can deliver in more areas of parson cross.
I would also like to say a big thank you to My Granddad, Aunt Sharon (Mums Sister) and my cousins Sarah, Shane and Laura who have all help with printing and delivering the leaflets and posters.

Also My aunt Sharon who has helped me with all promotion of the case via radio, television and newspapers which i couldn’t have faced it without her.
We did put posters up on bus stops near to the Brooke as we knew allot of people will go to these places, But unfortunately the transport service made a complaint to the police so we cannot place these there now, We wouldn’t have minded taking them down/stop putting them up if they had just contacted me directly without involving the police either way it is their property so we have stopped this now and if anyone from the transport service is reading this I am sorry for causing you any problem with putting the a4 posters on the bus stop windows just we did not think this would have been any harm as they was not covering any timetables or advertisements.

If you would like to download the poster and place it somewhere you can do so by going here. (Please do not place in bus shelters)

That’s all for now ill update on any progress.