Sunday, 6 December 2009


Today we will be campaigning in the city center (high street) handing out leaflets to the public, Trying to get people to come forward with information if they have any.


Thursday, 19 November 2009

Campaign in Sheffield City Centre

Myself and My family will be distributing leaflets in the town center on 5th December trying to get people who do have information to come forward with that information, as anyone around the local area may have move out of the area but may still be in the city and would like to give information if they are aware.

Friday, 9 October 2009


Unfortunetly earlier this week my website was hacked by a terrorist campaign (bot) unfortunetly i did not have a recent backup of the website so all pages of the website need to be redone luckily i can use googles cache for most of the pages until google update them so i will now work late into the night to get the site up and running again asap.
I have now also moved the website onto a new server. I have now also decided to make a few changes to the website as allot of pages are now missing so new ones will be replacing them the homepage i am making more like the poster for the website so everythings more alike.


Thursday, 13 August 2009


Hi, a message has been left on my message board could the person named (livo2009) please get in touch with me either via message or on the message board , it would be great if you could give me an email address or explain your message a bit clearer for me as it is a little confusing.

Thanks all the best.


Edit: Facebook page as been deleted (not by me by facebook)
Hi, i have just this second created a facebook group to widen my campaign,
I wont just leave things to go back quite, justice needs to be served.

If you would like to join the group please click here ,

Please help show your support by inviting as many friends to join as possible it will really help.

Thank you.

Thursday, 6 August 2009

12 years on

Coming up to the 12th anniversary, The last 12 months have been hard from starting the website, doing all the appeals on TV, in news papers, on the radio, delivering leaflets, a lot has been done and it has been a long stressful 12 months but was it worth it? No one has been charged, Not much further with the case but I feel its brought my family closer, Made me stronger, Given me a bit more hope and most importantly shown me that not all is bad out there, so the answer to that is yes it has been worth it, Yes we are not much closer to finding the murderer but good came from it, and hope is still there.

And who knows one day he/she/they will be caught for what they have done and all we can do is hope.

Most likely be no update unless anything happens or in a few years when we hear from the police cold case review team but ill hope for a good out come in the end.


Sunday, 3 May 2009

Mattress was infact a bed base.

After speaking with the police i have found out something new, For the past 11 years myself, my family and the media have thought that my mum was found underneath a mattress this has been cleared up to find out that it was not a mattress but a bed base from a divan bed, A mattress was near the scene but it was not a mattress that she was covered up with.

The police still have a suspect which because of this we cannot go to places like crime watch to appeal for information.

Although now it seems that the case is back to where it was in September.

Please if anyone has any information please get in touch as it seems to me the people responsible for my mum’s murder are going to get away with it for another 11 years before anything else happens.

Don’t get me wrong the police have done everything they can do Dna tests, questioning people and suspects but have not been able to charge anyone with the murder.
I just don’t want the person/people responsible to die without paying for what they have done i want to see justice for my mum and to see him/her/them behind bars where they deserve to be.
This is to anyone who may know anything, The murder was not just my mum being stabbed (not saying that would make it any better) but a very sadistic and twisted murder, that in my eyes could have only been done by someone without a soul or who are seriously ill in their head, So please not only for me, my mum and my family but to prevent anything like this happening to anyone else please do come forward with any information you have even if your not 100% sure what you have is anything, We need as much information as possible.


Thursday, 9 April 2009

2 Men previously arrested have now been released.

The arrested men, aged 51 and 59, were taken in for questioning on Wednesday 15th October 2008. They have been on bail up until yesterday (7th April 2009) which they have now been released without charge. They had previously been re-bailed a few times while waiting for forensic test and going over information.

When the 2 men were arrested I did not try to get my hopes up too much which I didn’t, I put it all to the back of my mind, While knowing the 2 men were on bail I at least had some hope that something could happen, Now although I did not get my hopes up high my hopes have now shattered, It’s like everything has been done and we are not going to get anywhere with this, It feels like the last 11 months of the site being live and everything myself and my family have put into getting people to come forward with information has been a waste of time, Don’t get me wrong I know the police are doing everything they can but my hopes of this coming to an end are really doubtful.

Who knows maybe one day someone will come forward maybe we will never know at the moment it feels like we will never know.

I just wish everyone knew how sick and evil the attack was it would by my opinion probably break someone who knew something to come forward but that can’t happen, the information is held back by police in case they catch the murderer or whatever.

I’ll let you know anytime there is more information.

If anyone has any advice let me know?

My email system has had a problem for a while and allot of emails have gone missing if you have sent me an email within the last few months and had no reply please resend.

Anyone with information please, please come forward.

Information myself and my aunt have found within newspapers and other sources which we think may help some people remember.

Information myself and my aunt have found within newspapers and other sources which we think may help some people remember.

A short run up to the time of my mum’s death.
Monday 4th
My Nan (Harmina Mum’s Mum) phone my aunt Sharon (Mum’s Sister) to say my mum had not come home that day.
Tuseday 5th
She was seen on Tuesday around the area her body was found.
Wednesday 6th
Sharon phoned my Nan and she still wasn’t back so my aunt told my Nan to call the police, My Nan and granddad went looking for her at friends and around the area.
Was spotted at northern general hospital with someone.
Friday 8th
Was spotted around the Holgate area.
Saturday 9th
She was seen 22 hours before she was found.
Last seen talking to a man at 7:45am at the Junction of Holgate crescent and Holgate road Saturday august 9th.
She was seen the night before her body was found near Buchanan road.
Sunday 10th
She was found dead in the brook
Close to brook a scruffy looking man was seen Sunday august 10th early hours around the time she was killed, A woman was terrified to walk past him, he was fidgeting with his hand in is pockets, he stared coldly at the woman before walking off.

Also in November:
Someone left a message on my granddads answer machine if this was not a hoax can the person please get in touch with the police or crime stoppers the police do not want to know why you were where you was or what you was doing at the time they just want to know the information you have.

Friday, 6 February 2009

BBC Radio Solent & BBC Radio Sheffield Appeals

Not sure if you may have heard Myself, My aunt or our police liaison officer Jill Thomas on BBC Radio Solent or BBC Radio Sheffield the other day. It was just an update on the case, Jill spoke about how the police are now testing some possible DNA/evidence not sure if anything will come of it, Jill also stated that although two men are on bail they still need you to get in touch with any information you have as since this the calls and information has stopped.

We also spoke about two bits of information that myself and aunt received while out doing leaflets, Information which we have since past onto the police, The information was nothing major but the fact is it was something.
We have postponed the leaflet delivering for a while due to cold weather and because its dark around the time we deliver them we cant see very good.

We would also like you to know that if you do not feel comfortable contacting the police you can contact crime stoppers on 0800 555 111,

You can also pass information on to myself via the website although please make sure you leave a contact email address in case we need to get back to you.

Whether or not you think the information you have is not much or that you think the police may already have it, well no matter how much you have it could be important and the police may not have it.

Don’t think someone else will come forward with the information you have, Please you come forward and lets us piece together the jigsaw.

Did you see my mum within the last week before her murder?
Do you know where she was staying?
Did you see her with someone?
Did you see her talking to anyone?
Did you talk to her?
Did you see someone you think maybe her?
Did you see someone or something strange around (The Brook) Hartley Brook (Holgate, Colley, Dearlands and surrounding areas)

Please have a long think back to August 1997 I know its along time but please try remember if you did see anything.

Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Mums Birthday

Today would have been my mums 37th birthday, It should be a day to celebrate but instead will be a day round her graveside. I hope that in the future i can see the graveside as a place to visit knowing the person who did what they did are no longer free to do anything again.

Please if you do know anything please use the above link How to Help.


Tuesday, 13 January 2009


Hi, an article published today in the sun marked out how much my server cost per month, I have had quite a few emails and messages about this so I thought I would clear it out on here, The server i am paying for is a dedicated server the reason I don’t have shared hosting is because when the website has a lot of users on the website at once talking 10,000 the server could not cope and was suspended which is why it is now on a dedicated server, the £108 has already been marked down from £125 as a kind gesture from the host, As well as the server the price includes my control panel which is leased, management of the server and 24/7 support. Although it is allot to pay it has not been a problem for me to pay and when the case is closed I will be able to move the website onto a shared server as it would not get as much traffic.

I am working on changing the message board as this is currently hosted elsewhere, I will be moving all messages that have been left onto the new message board which will be hosted on this site.
This will also give you more options when posting a message.


Saturday, 10 January 2009

Posters and Flyers

Hi, no update on the case as of yet.
We are still urging people to come forward with any information they may have.
We have started a new drive with promoting the case by flyers and posters.
Many places which we would like to thank that have placed the posters up for us in there shop windows around parson cross and the surrounding areas.
We have printed and posted many leaflets on Dearlands avenue, Buchanan road/crescent and the surround areas. We are now awaiting leaflets being printed which we can deliver in more areas of parson cross.
I would also like to say a big thank you to My Granddad, Aunt Sharon (Mums Sister) and my cousins Sarah, Shane and Laura who have all help with printing and delivering the leaflets and posters.

Also My aunt Sharon who has helped me with all promotion of the case via radio, television and newspapers which i couldn’t have faced it without her.
We did put posters up on bus stops near to the Brooke as we knew allot of people will go to these places, But unfortunately the transport service made a complaint to the police so we cannot place these there now, We wouldn’t have minded taking them down/stop putting them up if they had just contacted me directly without involving the police either way it is their property so we have stopped this now and if anyone from the transport service is reading this I am sorry for causing you any problem with putting the a4 posters on the bus stop windows just we did not think this would have been any harm as they was not covering any timetables or advertisements.

If you would like to download the poster and place it somewhere you can do so by going here. (Please do not place in bus shelters)

That’s all for now ill update on any progress.