Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Its a waiting game

I have not posted to the site for over a month, The main reason why is we are just waiting for an outcome on the 2 men that was arrested and not much i have been able to post.
We have been waiting for an exclusive article to appear within the sun news paper which is really dragging on we have been waiting for over a month now and until it’s in I cannot speak to anyone so the site won’t get any publicity.
I can say too much because I’m unaware of what I can actually say on the case.
I found out more about what happened to my mum 11 years ago and it sickens me to know some sadistic b-st-rd/s are out there walking free.

A few months back myself and my aunt had an interview with a student from Sheffield who as used the recording for her project i will be adding the recording to the news articles in a few moments.

I’m so impressed that the site has had over half a million hits and is still growing aiming for the million next :).

Because there is so many comments on the message board i haven’t been able to accept them all yet so I apologise if I haven’t accept your comment yet.

Ill post again when I have any news.


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