Monday, 29 September 2008

A little update

Small update but:

The police have been in contact regularly which is a good thing, they are going over a few things can’t go into too much details at the moment.
A 3 page spread will be in the chat magazine on the 16th of October which my Aunt Sharon’s story is told and a page about the case,

In the morning between 6am – 12pm I think, I and my aunt will be on Radio Sheffield.

A few documentary places have been in touch, But because I’m not active as in going door to door Which is a bit (Cant think of a word) at the moment so there is not much to go on, But..... I’ll keep it as an option.


Saturday, 6 September 2008

Its been quite!

I haven’t really had anything to update the blog with this last week,
It has been a bit quite, But Sheffield forum have offered me a megathread on their website which I’m really grateful for as this will provide some more attention to the website,
I hope something comes up soon!

Due to starting college I won’t be doing as much on the website during the day but will during the evening.