Thursday, 7 August 2008

11th anniversary of my mums murder in 4 days

Once again i have not posted for a while.
In 4 days time it will be 11 years since my mum was murdered. 11 Years is a long time for someone to be free after committing a crime like this. I can in no way believe how someone could live with themselves for such a long time. I had hoped that someone would have been found before her 11 year anniversary but without some sort of miracle that’s not going to happen.
I have recently been contacted by a journalist from a woman’s magazine who is going to be publishing an article in there.
I hope that soon someone will come forward with the information needed to finally get the person charged with this and also let my mum rest in peace.
The worst times for me are birthdays and Christmas knowing she could have been here if it wasn’t for some sick, evil person.

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