Saturday, 21 June 2008

Site stats

Not posted for a short while been spending a few days making a few minor changes to the website and checking stats on the internet.
Very pleased with how the site has progressed,
In only 14 days the site has got its place in Google which is very good normally a website can take up to 8 weeks if not longer so I’m very proud with that, Also now when I have searched on the internet (Google) I find this website so now I know information is on the internet at last. 2 weeks ago before I started the website I searched for Patricia Grainger murder and it would return over 200,000 results and I went through 100's of pages and found nothing about what happened, Now when I search this website is result number one so very happy and proud about that, I have also searched for many other terms but still found nothing including for information about Hartley brook and the surrounding area now it’s also there when searched.

I want to also thank you all for your emails.

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