Sunday, 7 December 2008

No News

Hi, No update as of yet.
Still waiting on the article to appear in the Sun it was planned to go in on Friday 5th December but due to the Shannon Matthews case it had to be put on hold which is understandable with what her Mother and Michael Donavon did to her is outrageous and also to exploit the Madeline McCann fund is disgusting my heart goes out to Shannon and to Madeline and her parent’s.

Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Its a waiting game

I have not posted to the site for over a month, The main reason why is we are just waiting for an outcome on the 2 men that was arrested and not much i have been able to post.
We have been waiting for an exclusive article to appear within the sun news paper which is really dragging on we have been waiting for over a month now and until it’s in I cannot speak to anyone so the site won’t get any publicity.
I can say too much because I’m unaware of what I can actually say on the case.
I found out more about what happened to my mum 11 years ago and it sickens me to know some sadistic b-st-rd/s are out there walking free.

A few months back myself and my aunt had an interview with a student from Sheffield who as used the recording for her project i will be adding the recording to the news articles in a few moments.

I’m so impressed that the site has had over half a million hits and is still growing aiming for the million next :).

Because there is so many comments on the message board i haven’t been able to accept them all yet so I apologise if I haven’t accept your comment yet.

Ill post again when I have any news.


Sunday, 19 October 2008

What can i say

What can I say? 442,014 hits with almost 110,000 of those being unique visitors.
That’s almost half a million hits which I am very impressed with.
When I started the website just trying to get the memory of my mum out there as well as to bring her killer/s to justice, I never expected it going further than Sheffield I never expect it going national but worldwide is absolutely amazing.

I have had many emails from all over the world I do intend to reply to those ASAP, because there is allot it will take a while to reply.

The MSG board now as tons of message with hundreds still to be accepted as each one is done individually it will take some time for any messages posted to be shown on the website.

Thank you to everyone who has visited the website, posted a comment or sent an email.


Friday, 17 October 2008

Website Counter

The website counter on the website keeps going crazy jumping about.

Ill try update it every day its jumping as it is at the moment saying only 9.000 when should be more.

Thursday, 16 October 2008

Two Men Arrested

Not updated the Blog for a while as i have nothing to update it with,
The police have released a press statement today which is:

Two Men Arrested - Patricia Grainger Murder - 1997

Two men aged 51 and 59, both from Sheffield, were arrested this morning, 15 October 2008, in connection with the death of Patricia Grainger in 1997.
They are currently helping police with enquiries.
Patricia Grainger's body was found in Parson Cross, Sheffield, on 10 August 1997.

I cannot comment further on this topic.

The website has reached the 200,000 hits on the counter over-night which i guess is from the media attention on the above topic.

I like to thank everyone for their kind messages posted on the MSG Board reading these do help when being stressed with the situation so thank you.

Monday, 29 September 2008

A little update

Small update but:

The police have been in contact regularly which is a good thing, they are going over a few things can’t go into too much details at the moment.
A 3 page spread will be in the chat magazine on the 16th of October which my Aunt Sharon’s story is told and a page about the case,

In the morning between 6am – 12pm I think, I and my aunt will be on Radio Sheffield.

A few documentary places have been in touch, But because I’m not active as in going door to door Which is a bit (Cant think of a word) at the moment so there is not much to go on, But..... I’ll keep it as an option.


Saturday, 6 September 2008

Its been quite!

I haven’t really had anything to update the blog with this last week,
It has been a bit quite, But Sheffield forum have offered me a megathread on their website which I’m really grateful for as this will provide some more attention to the website,
I hope something comes up soon!

Due to starting college I won’t be doing as much on the website during the day but will during the evening.


Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Where was your mattress?

*Edit: It as come to my attention that the mattress was infact a divan bed base.

Where was your mattress* in august 1997?

Did you dump one?

Did you see one on Hartley brook near colley drive?

How long had the mattress* been there?

These are some questions need answering if you so one or dumped one please come forward you won’t get in trouble for dumping it only interested in where it came from.


South Yorkshire police.

Telephone - 01142202020

Minicom - 0114 219 6761

Incident Number: 990/090808

Or send me an email and ill forward it.

Friday, 22 August 2008

Updated Map Location

A few weeks ago I was asked whereabouts my mum was found I gave a rough area on the map,
Since I recently visited the area I can now give you an even closer area the image is below (click to enlarge).


Monday, 18 August 2008

For Revenge?

As always i read all messages left on the message board and reply to them as soon as i can,

One stood out to me which I removed as I dint really like it and didn’t think it should be on there.

It said "You only started the website to get revenge that’s all you want" the fact is in a way you could see it as revenge but it annoyed me I’m not looking for revenge on anyone that would be doing what’s already been done to someone else, I want the person who killed my mum caught and sent to prison where they deserve to be.

What are your thoughts? Please let me know send me a message,

The goal of revenge usually consists of forcing the perceived wrongdoer to suffer the same pain that was originally inflicted.

I wouldn’t wish this on anyone not even the person that did it although i do want the person to do the time that’s owed to them,

It’s hard for me to explain the word to me revenge is getting my own back but even more making someone’s life more miserable than they made yours, Like I said I don’t want that i just want justice to be served.


  • I will be uploading more news articles over the next few days.
  • When the website went down a few hours before because of how many hits the website got my counter went CRAZY it was jumping all over the place because it was counting too much at one time hopefully it won’t do that now I edited it a slightly but if it does it again I’ll take it off.
  • Not far from a 150,000 hits,

Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Press Update

Hi just a update today I have had many interviews and a few more to come.
I will be appearing on calendar at 6pm on ITV
I will also be appearing on Look North on BBC1 at 6:30pm
I will also be on Radio Sheffield around 4:30pm-5:30pm
I will be having a few interviews also in the morning and one for Hallam FM Tonight.

Monday, 11 August 2008

The 11th Anniversary

Today is the 11th anniversary of my mum’s murder.
In a way it don’t seem as long but in another way it seems way longer it’s hard to explain i guess it’s like when a year goes by fast and another goes slow.
Today I’m just going to be remembering my mum and not how she died.
Other than her murder there is not too much I can remember but I try to remember as much about her as I can some of the memories are what of people have told me and then I came to remember them, Some are of the true times with my mum.
But the fact is today is the day she was found after her murder and I hope soon something turns up.
It was Sunday 10th august 1997 same day as today.

Sunday, 10 August 2008

In the news paper today!

My mum was in the Sheffield Star today.
I was very pleased with what Claire has written and I am very thankful for it.
I have also been sent a link to the article for anyone who would like to read it is here.
I have received an anonymous email today which I’m not sure if it’s a windup or not so i would like to remind the person who sent to if it is serious please Call South Yorkshire Police on 0114 220 2020 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.


The Message Board

The Message Board.
Just a quick message has i have had to delete a few posts, any message related to the case please don’t write them here, Please don’t place full names of people on the message board, Please do not place email address or telephone numbers on here if you require a reply to a message please goto The contact page


Big Wush

Hi have had a big wush im not sure what one is but it feels like one.

I have now contacted The sun, NOTW, Mirror, Calendar, and more.

Crime number

Just to let you know if you have information call 0114 2202020 use incident number 990/090808.

Updated for the incident number.


Firstly I would like to apologise to someone I opened an email and accidently deleted it so if you got no reply from me this is probably why I’m sorry about this I read up to the word (Barnsley) but then I accidently deleted it so I’m sorry if you would like to resend the message I will reply promptly.
Secondly many users have sent a message via the message board that I feel needs a reply so from now on messages left on the message board will get a reply displayed underneath the message board.

Saturday, 9 August 2008

Cant visit my mums grave

I have decided that on 10th august my mum’s anniversary I’m not going to go to the grave because I don’t want that day to keep reminding me of what happened to my mum I want it to be a day to remember her which is why I’m going to be going during the week to take some flowers I don’t want the day my mum died to be the day I remember how she died some may not be able to understand this but that’s how I feel I went on the day last year and I couldn’t think of my mum all I could think of was that how she died and no one has been caught for it.

I know my mum understands don’t know if everyone else can.

Thursday, 7 August 2008

11th anniversary of my mums murder in 4 days

Once again i have not posted for a while.
In 4 days time it will be 11 years since my mum was murdered. 11 Years is a long time for someone to be free after committing a crime like this. I can in no way believe how someone could live with themselves for such a long time. I had hoped that someone would have been found before her 11 year anniversary but without some sort of miracle that’s not going to happen.
I have recently been contacted by a journalist from a woman’s magazine who is going to be publishing an article in there.
I hope that soon someone will come forward with the information needed to finally get the person charged with this and also let my mum rest in peace.
The worst times for me are birthdays and Christmas knowing she could have been here if it wasn’t for some sick, evil person.

Friday, 25 July 2008

Long time

I have not posted to the website for a while as i have not had anything to update it with.
Thank you all again for your messages.
It will be 11years since my mums death in 16 days.


Saturday, 12 July 2008


A later reply to my previous message than expected.
I had a chat with someone from The Star on Monday, The lady I spoke to is going to first go to the police see if there is anything they will do. Then in the next few days she will be contacting me to let me know when something is printed in the news paper I will then update the website.

Thanks for messages i still have a few to reply to which I have yet to read I will reply to those now.


Monday, 7 July 2008

Cant Sleep!

Can’t seem to get to sleep it’s now 2am in the morning i have got a meeting in the morning with someone from the star i thought id update the blog,
I have made a few changes to the website over the last few days the new message board for any messages you have which do not require a reply.
If you do require a reply please do use the contact page .
Its times like this i do think about my mum allot that i can’t think of anything else on Thursday if she was here she would have become a great aunt to a beautiful baby girl i can only tell her about you mum when she older wish you was here though i know you would like to be.
Good night all god bless x

Thursday, 3 July 2008

Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Contacted the star newspaper

After many messages from people about contacting the new papers i have sent an email to the star news paper to see if i can get something printed.
I have thought many time to contact them but never knew how, But i think i have contacted the right place any way ill update when i get a reply.

Thanks again everyone.

Friday, 27 June 2008

Someone Knows!

Some-one has got to know something about what happend to my mum and WHY.
How can someone keep something like this bottled up for almost 11 years?
To anyone who does know anything think about this a harmless 25 year old woman who had her all life ahead of her had it taken away for some sick reason in a most herric way why would you protect someone who could do that? WHY?
Hopefully anyone who does know anythink no matter how small it is will come forward nothing is too small, and everything will help with putting the evil twisted person away the person has already had 11 years of freedom they dont deserve anymore.

Saturday, 21 June 2008

Site stats

Not posted for a short while been spending a few days making a few minor changes to the website and checking stats on the internet.
Very pleased with how the site has progressed,
In only 14 days the site has got its place in Google which is very good normally a website can take up to 8 weeks if not longer so I’m very proud with that, Also now when I have searched on the internet (Google) I find this website so now I know information is on the internet at last. 2 weeks ago before I started the website I searched for Patricia Grainger murder and it would return over 200,000 results and I went through 100's of pages and found nothing about what happened, Now when I search this website is result number one so very happy and proud about that, I have also searched for many other terms but still found nothing including for information about Hartley brook and the surrounding area now it’s also there when searched.

I want to also thank you all for your emails.

Saturday, 14 June 2008

Thank you.

I just want to say thank you to three special people.
Who raised money to pay for my mums headstone it really is appreciated and i thank you with all my heart.

They are Julie, Diane and Margaret

I dont know what else i can say there isnt anything really to say that can show how much we are greatful for it.



Friday, 13 June 2008


I was asked a question this morning where she was found,
Although she was found in the area below im not show if the police found out that it happend in the spot.
I have not been to the area for around 8 years knowing i was in the spot.
I have walked past along the brook but tried to ignore it at the time.
The below image is the area i belive where she was found within the red lines or just a few feet away. (Also Posted On More details page)
Click map to make larger

Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Message to the murderer

Message to the murderer!
Not many memorys
Only a few pictures to remind me of my mum.
Thats down to you.
Although for the last 10 Years shes not been there i know she has been there in spirit and i know she wants you charged with her murder,
Shes spoken to me in my dreams and i remember her in my memorys,
But i hope you have lived a worser life than me,
I havent had a bad life but without a mum its bad enough not easy either.
If its takes me till i die ill find you.
All i have for you is hate.
Even if you dont pay for what you did in this life you will in the next.
I Promise!


For the last few hours i cant think Why?
Why someone would want to kill a woman at 25 years old that would not hurt a fly.
Why someone would want to take a 5 year old childs mum away.
Why someone would actually want to kill someone.
Why someone would take someones life away when they only lived it for a short while.
I found the answer and...
There is only one person who can answer that and its who did it.

For the last few days i have been thinking more and more about what happened and thinking how its affected me.

I can remember everything from the day.
I remember not seeing my mum for a few days and was wondering where she was,
I remember on the day we found out i was 5 years old and will never forget.
Me and my nan (my mums, mum) went to my aunts home when we got there no one was home we waited outside for a short while my aunts boyfriend came home after a short while of waiting and said he had just dropped my aunt off at my house where there was police, He took us home and tape was round the house (i think) police all over the road, people stood on there fronts we wasnt aloud into the house we did not know what had happened the police did not tell us anything. We started walking up the road to my other aunts house and everyone was there my aunts was crying other people was crying my nan asked what happened a friend of the family picked me up and took me down the back of my aunt house at this time i was shaking i did not know what happened then my aunt came down and they told me what had happened i remember crying on the shoulder of someone i knew what murder was as i watched horror films ect. I wasnt told all the details i wasnt even told about it was murder at first i was just old she had died and i remember that it meant i would never see her again. I was told she was the brightest star in the sky. As i got older i got more awhere at what happened as was told more about her and what happened. Ill never forget that day nor any dreams and nightmares i had.
These are the only memories i have not forgot most of the memories of my mum are about what happened i cant remember anything else other than her face in the newspapers.

Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Day 4

Day 4 of launching the website some interest has been shown which i thank you for.
Still please if anyone does know anything regardless please do give information.

Thank you.

Saturday, 7 June 2008

Another day passes another day closer.

Another Day has past, Im keeping my mind open and counting it has just another day closer to getting the person who killed my mum,
Once again thank you for your messages there really appreciated i will soon create a page to display your messages obviously only with permission from whoever send the messages.
Just another note to anyone out there who may know anything regardless whether you think its important please provide the police with it, It maybe just the thing to get the case reopened and investigated.

Thanks again


Love you mum x

Good Night!

Good Night Everyone,

Good night mum love you x

Website Launch!

Very happy with the launch of the website, The website has been live for less than only 10 hours already the website has had 56 visitors not many but not bad for the little promotion its had with just a signature on sheffield forum,
I have had 2 nice messages from two lovely people thank you for your messages they are really appreciated and replys have been sent.

Welcome you messages.
And thank you for visiting.